Q: Role of Kaletra in severe patients? What is the unit of CRP? Mg/I?


Unfortunately, the most recent trial showed a negative result in adult patients with severe COVID-19 treated with lopinavir–ritonavir. Though there were several limitations in the study, there are still some important findings 


The unit of CRP is mg/L or ug/ml in most hospital. It is also depend on the model and manufacturer of machines and reagents.

Q: Is that just elder people go to hospital? Any strong relationship bwtween age and outcome?


The age of inpatient ranged from 20s to 90s in our hospital. In our department, we have received 80 patients, 26 cases for≥65 years old (32.5%) and 17 for ≥70 (21.25%). The age of all fatality patients were ≥65 years old in our hospital, the duration for the COVID-19 RNA negative and pulmonary inflammation absorption was much longer for old patients then young patients. Recent online report also showed similar result (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6912e2.htm). Therefore, we agree that there is strong relationship between age and outcome.

Q: Which biomarker is the most predictive of patient’s prognosis?


Most severe patients with pneumonia had increased D-dimer, IL-6 level and decreased lymphocyte count level which is associated with fatal outcome of COVID-19. 

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